Snow tomorrow!!!!!

The weatherman says we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow so what would normally be my rest day from the gym, turned out to be my upper body day.  Here’s what I did:

5 minute warm up on treadmill

modified pushups (15 reps/3 sets)

chest press (15 reps/3 sets – 15 lbs)

seated lat raises with dumb bells (15 reps/3 sets – 5 lbs)

pec deck machine/reverse flys (15 reps/3 sets – 30 lbs for first 2; then 20 lbs for last set)

octane machine (5 minutes); dips on bench (15 reps); tricep kick backs (15 – 8 lbs); alternating front delt raises (15 reps – 8 lbs) {repeat the whole sequence 3 times)

I hope the snow misses us but it isn’t supposed to start until 7am so I will already be up and getting ready for work.  I feel good that I got my workout in today just in case I can’t get to the gym tomorrow.  Go me!

Also, tomorrow is the start of our pedometer challenge at work so I need to get in at least 5 miles a day.  Snow and no work would not be good considering I would have to make up those miles on another day.  Hoping for NO SNOW!


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