Wonderful Workout, How I Love Thee

I had a great workout today.  I thought the trainer would put me through circuits but she forgot about it so we did lots of different squats.  I still have tightness in my right hip so I think the squats helped that a bit.  After an hour of squats, deadlifts, stability exercises, and abs, I did majority walking at a fast pace with a few spurts of running for a little over 30 minutes.  It was much needed.  So for those of you with tightness in the hips who are having problems doing squats, I found a remedy that worked for me.  I put a 5 lb plate under the heel of each foot (you can go smaller but you need to be able to put your weight on it without the weight coming out from under your heel).  Part of my problem is the tight hip and the other part is being confident enough that I will not fall on my ass.  I know they say ass to grass but the idea is to not lose your footing.  Anyway, this worked for me so I was able to get lower without losing balance.

I’m preparing a few foods tonight:  quinoa salad with carrots, cranberries, green onions, and a few other ingredients.  Rosemary roasted chicken breasts, and roasted butternut squash.  Yesterday, I cooked the pork loin in the oven and put the Tastefully Simple Pomegranite Chipotle Glaze on top.  I tried a little this morning and thought it needed a little something extra so I stopped at the grocery and picked up freshly made green salsa (tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro, onion) to go on top and a dollop of full fat sour cream.  This is really good!  Of course, I have all my salad fixins because I can only go a day or so without my big salad.  I don’t typically buy lower fat foods.  Our bodies do need fat and buying low fat usually means there are added sugars and other ingredients that I would like to avoid.  The manufacturers add in those other yummies to make them more palatable since you are not getting the fat.  Anyway, don’t get the low fat.



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