Saturday Finally!!!!

O.M.G.  What a crappy week.  I went to the gym only once.  I was completely exhausted due to work so when I went home, all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  Being stressed all day really does a number on me.  And I know I did not post any good food pictures but really the only thing new that I prepared with all those veggies was a cucumber salad.  It was okay and I probably will not make it again.  I like cucumbers better by themselves or just in a regular salad mixture.

Last weekend I purchased Jaybird wireless earbuds so I could listen to music while working out at the gym without getting tangled up.  These earbuds suck!  They were $189 and they SUCK!  Today they are going back to the store and I don’t want to hear shit about them not being returnable because they are used.  They must be made for people with very large ear holes because they will not stay in even with the smallest plugs in the box.  My ears are of a normal size.  Maybe I will try the Beats brand but I was kinda looking for something that wouldn’t mess up my do. 

NOW, the good news is that I lost lbs this week.  I did eat a few more carbs than usual so maybe I need more carbs to burn during the day.  Drumroll puleeze….147.5!  🙂  AND, I also got a fun new hairdo last night complete with a new color.  It is not exactly what I asked the stylist for but I like it anyway.  I asked for red and selected the swatch that I wanted.  Nothing like a fire engine but more red than what I got.  The color that I got is a darker red and there’s still a blond highlight or two in the front.  I didn’t want the blond highlights either but I think it works.  Honestly, I think the stylist was a little scared of making such a drastic change.  Next time, we will do a little more red. 

I went to the gym today and did my workout.  They have a new machine that I tried out.  So 10 minutes on that machine (Octane sideways machine), next some weights (only a few lower body weighted exercises since tomorrow is lower body day), and then 10 minutes of regular Octane.  I wanted to try running but there were great runners on the treadmills today so I didn’t run.  I like my space and find it hard to run next to someone.  Maybe when/if I ever improve at running.

So tomorrow is food prep day.  I have a pork roast that I may cook tonight and I also have some butternut squash.  A lot of butternut squash.  A couple chicken breasts and a salmon filet, spinach and some kale. Oh, and I have some pretty colorful peppers.  Can’t wait! 


One thought on “Saturday Finally!!!!

  1. Jaybirds returned with no problem. I was going to exchange for a different brand but the nice salesman (Mr. Flirty Pants) said that I could get a better deal on Amazon. He even emailed me the links when he found some good ones on the store computer. Not to worry, I gave the hotmail email. I wouldn’t want to start receiving Mr. Flirty emails on a regular. 🙂

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