Weekly Weight Check In

Today is my REAL check in since I was over-tasked yesterday with work, pets, gym, and much needed sleep.  Drum roll please \ / \ / \ / 149.5 because I weighed myself without the heavy socks that I had on Saturday when I had my gym weigh in at 150.8 (a little over 1 lb).  I wanted to go to the gym this evening too but giving it one more day since I have had a scratchy throat and sinus congestion for a few days.  I will spend my Friday evening doing cardio.  OHHHH!  My trainer gave me a drill to go through plus I can still do some things on my own if I wish which I will.  I know Saturday we are doing lower body so no lower tomorrow – just cardio, abs, upper body.  I think my biceps are getting smaller.  Maybe my imagination but I am keeping a watchful eye on them.  It took me almost a year to get rid of the flabby underarm and back fat.  The least that could happen is for my biceps to remain a nice Goldilocks size (not too big, not too little, but juuussstttt righhhttt).

I ordered a few slow cooker and veggie cookbooks as well so I’m going to be trying a new recipe or two for next week.  I will try to post pics on Sunday as I did before.  I am proud of me!  I haven’t had any sugar in 2 days not counting the Zinga chocolate coconut protein bar.  Now this bar only had 10 grams of protein which I suppose is okay for a bar but nothing to boast about.  I washed it down with DaVinci chocolate whey protein shake made with water.  That topped my breakfast off today at a whopping 31 grams of protein.  That’s what I’m talking about!


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