Wednesday Check In (but not really)

I know I am supposed to check in on Wednesdays but I go to the gym on Wednesdays after work so I don’t have much time.  A better check in would be Thursdays so that’s what I’m doing.  Also, I’m thinking of some good mind games to play while I am getting fit.  I thought about 10 bracelets on one arm and move them over to the other arm one at a time until I lose 10 lbs.  I may be wearing noisy bracelets for a while though so it may get on my nerves.  Someone mentioned a similar method by using 2 jars and marbles.  Maybe I will try that.  Okay, so more tomorrow.  I’m tired and turning in.  I really would like CANDYYYYYYYY but I am taking my ass to bed. 


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Check In (but not really)

  1. I did the marble jar thing, but then I slacked off and lost track with gaining/losing. I like the bracelet ideal, it’s more of a visual reminder, at least for me it would be. What about thread bracelets? Like the woven friendship ones? Elastic hair ties?

  2. All good ideas. Whatever works! While I am out tomorrow, I’m going to stop by a store where I have seen these colorful rubbery bracelets that kids wear. They are bracelets AND they are quiet. Even better is that I can wear to the gym and in the shower.

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