Body Fat Check In

First Saturday of the month which means check in for body fat percentage.  Not as good as I would like but my wonderful trainer said that I should not be discouraged since I am still holding steady.  Plateaus suck; however, having a substantial gain in fat and weight would suck even more so this month I will be focusing more on quality eating and working out.  I am going to try to get in at least 4 days of cardio each week and continue weight training and stability exercises.  I really hate doing cardio.  Hate it.  I feel like my lungs are going to explode and it just doesn’t ever seem to improve.  I have never understood how or why people run just for the sake of running.  Unless there is something dangerous after me or there is a prize that I cannot live without waiting for me at the finish line, I’m not ever going to be great at running.  I still do it…as best I can…even if I am slow and end up breathing like someone has tried to suffocate me with syran wrap.   So here’s the skinny (haha) on my fat percentage this month.  I’m throwing in my weight for today too but keep in mind this was with gym clothes on (no shoes or socks because we all know that socks can weigh so much). Fat:  35.6%; Weight: 150.8 lbs.

Tomorrow is food prep day for the week.  I will try to post some pics of the end result after I cook tomorrow.


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